Back to the Feature: the defence

On Tuesday 22 June I defended my PhD dissertation on online feature journalism;  “Back to the feature. Online journalism as innovation, transformation and practice” (a pdf of the dissertation may be downloaded here). I must say, it was an interesting and memorable experience.

First, the two professors that evaluated my dissertation, Jane B. Singer and David Domingo, put me under pressure as they critically assessed my dissertation and posed some rather difficult questions for me to reflect upon. However, I really appreciated the discussion that followed and I am  very grateful for the time they invested in evaluating my dissertation.

Second, before the defence I was asked to give a lecture on “the future of feature journalism”. I enjoyed working with this lecture — it was both challenging and inspiring. I’ll probably blog on the topic when I have time.

The dissertation comprises of two parts:

A.  Six stand-alone articles:

  1. “Online Journalism and the Promises of New Technology: a review” (which is now accepted for publication in Journalism Studies, earmarked for the July issue, 2011)
  2. “The Featurisation of Journalism. What Feature Journalism is and how it has Transformed as Genre” (which is accepted for publication in Nordicom Review, issue yet to be confirmed)
  3. “Online Feature Journalism. A Clash of Discourses” (which is published in Journalism Practice, 3(1), 2009, pp. 13-29)
  4. “Digital Feature Journalism: how the Discursive Practice of an Online Newsroom Affects Genre Development” (which is originally published, in Norwegian, in Rhetorica Scaninavica, 49/59, 2009, pp. 90-107)
  5. “The Shaping of an Online Feature Journalist” (which is published in Journalism, 10(5), 2009, pp. 702-718.)
  6. “What’s Stopping Them? Towards a Grounded Theory of Innovation in Online Newspapers” (which is published in Journalism Studies, 10(6), 2009, pp. 821-836.)

B.  A “Final Contribution” where I — based on the articles and previous research — aim at establishing a theoretical framework for online journalism research that comprises of three perspectives: Innovation, transformation and practice.


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