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New book on reportage journalism

29. June 2009

A couple of weeks ago my new book on reportage journalism was published. Congrats to me! 🙂

The book’s title translates to “The Genre of Place: On modern reportage journalism”. It is mostly a text book for college students at journalism programs in Norway, and perhaps elsewhere in Scandinavia. It deals with modern day reportage journalism in print and online. With extensive use of examples, the books tries to answers questions like:

  • What makes an idea for a reportage good?
  • What are the best ways to compose a reportage?
  • How should one use observation as a method in reportage journalism?
  • What characterizes modern day reportage journalism?
  • What can reportage journalism in online newspapers be like?

The book has all ready been included in the curriculum of several  journalism programs througout Norway, which makes me happy 🙂

My new book on repportage journalism

My new book on repportage journalism